Tuesday, June 06, 2006

How Lame

Why does my all-pink gated complex (inside a gated suburb) insist on installing colonial taps into all the bathrooms? Colonial taps are beyond lame- basically there are two taps for each sink, either freezing cold or scalding hot. Those are your two choices when washing your hands. Alternatively, you can plug the basin and create "warm" water. Oh thanks--- I don't like basins of nasty water exposed to the elements when you are attempting to get clean. Also, every night when I wash my face (I stupidly bought 3 bottles of Evian Oxygenated Facial Wash from www.drugstore.com in 2005 after reading about it in American Vogue and am counting the days until they are finished because I can't stand the texture and medicinal smell) I splash water everywhere dealing with the warm water basin issue (and inevitably when my hair is straight it starts to curl from the warm water basin moisture). I may start showering twice a day because it is easier to wash my face that way but then I have to deal with the hair issue--- i.e. the longer it gets, the more my arm starts to hurt combing it out. Oh well, at least I have running water unlike millions of South Africans.


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