Saturday, March 25, 2006

We're Disgusting

Andrew and I really, really want to post something profound but we are revoltingly full. I dragged Andrew to a Creme de la Mer breakfast this morning where he ate a full piece of steak at 10:00 am and drank four glasses of bubbly. Then we ate two pieces of Bev's cheesecake each and capped off the night with insanely huge burgers (Andrew had a double), fries, onion rings, vodka martinis, vodka tonics, and a double scotch (Andrew).
Other highlights of the last 24 hours:
-6 hours spent in a shopping mall with no access to natural light or fresh air. Andrew snapped many pictures of kugels luxuriating in their most comfortable habitat.
-A 16 hour flight spent next to a pre-operative tranny and a frightening looking robed and bearded man.
-Today, many events were devoid of any greater meaning: a scientific presentation on miracle broth devoid of any science; diamond shopping devoid of any purchasing; sightseeing devoid of anything but consumerism; a film devoid of anything but violent heterosexual and homosexual sex (mainly rape); a city devoid of anything but wealth and poverty.
-Incidentally, Andrew charmed my friend Bev by playing (misplaying) Israeli folk songs on her little-used piano. Bev then sang us the South African national anthem but had to read the lyrics off of a piece of paper.
-Andrew's Jo'burg observations: I'm not such a bad driver as he remembers from my senior year of high school and Americans do stick out when they go abroad, particularly loud, gluttonous, New York Jews.
-Lois, you will be happy- Andrew found stunning earrings for Amy.


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