Monday, March 27, 2006

Mr. Cooper Speaks

This is Andrew speaking. I did my first "African" (i.e., left the gated communities and indoor shopping malls that might otherwise be in Jericho, Long Island) thing yesterday in Jo'burg. We went to a lion cub farm and game park outside Jo'burg. The lion cubs (pictures to come) were amazing and Ilana and I got to play with them. Ilana also got finger-nipped by an ostrich but don't worry, Mom of Ilana, she doesn't have avian flu. The cubs not too different than Lionel my cat except they'll probably be 400 pounds or something when they grow up...On the game drive, the adult lions came just about to 3 feet up to the car although were pretty well placated since Sunday is feeding day and the antelope rib cages made them rather lethargic.

Today we arrived in Capetown and within an hour I had another African experience, as three boys (maybe 15 yrs old) accosted me on the street and basically harassed me on and off for an hour, alternating between threats, friendly chat, and taunting. They were more irritating than scary (not unlike lion cubs). After a walk through the beautiful Company Gardens park by Parliament and the Presidential palace, I retreated back to the Internet cafe to write this post. Tomorrow I'll go out to Robben Island (where Mandela was imprisoned) and then Ilana and my Selwyn adventure begins on Wednesday.

Ilana now speaks: We are having a fabulous time although I am doing some work today. We have a really nice dinner planned at Cape Town's coolest restaurant (and we won't spend much at all per person with the exchange rate which is lovely). Andrew has been reading me Creme De La Mer promotional material in a soothing monotone at most moments of the day. Cape Town is rather windy today although it is such a beautiful city---lots of bright colors and bouncy, happy people except for the teenage wannabe thugs.


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