Monday, March 20, 2006

Jo'burg Musings

1. You probably shouldn't wear a baby-doll tee at the gym that says hottie! unless you are really, really pretty.

2. Today there was a tremendous rainstorm (often there are beautiful, savage thunderstorms in the middle of the afternoon which end quickly but cool down the city) which was vivid and amazing. I stepped into a whole bunch of puddles on the way to Ninnos and my butt was soaked from the impact. I pity the many living in shacks, all the time, but particularly during these bouts of extreme weather.

3. I love Woolworths ( with all my heart. It is the South African version of Marks and Spencer but oh so much better. It is a fabulous department store with the best food displays in the world. Yesterday I bought goat cheese disks, freshly squeezed pear juice, spinach and ricotta tortellini imported from Italy, persimmons, and olive oil hand soap.

4. One of my closest friends is coming to Jo'burg on Friday. I am so excited. I am forcing him to go to a Creme de la Mer product breakfast on Saturday morning at the Michaelangelo Hotel in Sandton both so I can get two bags of free samples of Creme de la Mer and so he can observe kugels in their most natural habitat.

5. The rest of the week and the weekend will be very hectic-- tons of work-- so the blog will be lacking but Andrew (above mentioned very close friend) and I will co-blog next week. We have some extreme adventures planned including a Cape tour with a man we found on the Internet named Selwyn D. (very Jewish-sounding last name but I want this to be un-googable). It appears that his only clients are obese American Jews visiting Cape Town. He also posts digital pictures of his tourees doing unflattering-looking things like being blown by a gust of wind practically off of the Cape of Good Hope. There is NO way I am allowing that.

6. I have been suckered into volunteering for a Jewish communal organization. The only benefit, as compared to Jewish communal organizations in the States, is the quality of meeting refreshments. I recall lots of Utz potato chips and soggy deli sandwiches and Caffeine Free Diet Coke in Philly/New York--- here at least there are full on pieces of kosher steak from On the Square and yummy Samba chips. Some things don't change though- i.e. sleeping through every meeting/doing other work while the talking heads drone on. And, a good point, from one Jo'burg friend--- every time there is some sort of raffle or contest from a Jewish communal organization, it appears that the most wealthy contestant (i.e. the one who needs the all-expenses paid vacation to Mauritius least) wins. Does this happen everywhere?

7. I went to Beyachad for the first time in two years (Jewish communal organization headquarters/crazy armed fortress with crazy intense security). There is something about Jewish communal buildings or synagogues that makes me miss being 12. I was the queen of cutting class at Hebrew school/sitting in the bridal dressing room on the couch with my friends during services/leaving services to walk and get ice cream/being thrown out of Hebrew school classes for being overly insubordinate. I'm different now, but seeing polished linoleum floors and walls of plaques commemorating the big givers makes me a bit cooked in the head (South Africanism for "screwed in the head"). Used in a sentence, "Sharon, how can you wear that mumu over capris? Are you totally cooked?"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now, how can I read your blog and not comment. The problem is, where do I begin!!?
How are you Sweet Ilana? I just left our dear Andrew at JFK, today, Thursday, March 23rd. He, in his very calm Andrew way, is very excited to begin this adventure.
Frankly, I'm jealous. Your plans sound fabulous! Please remind him to find something fun and pretty for Amy (read: jewelry, esp. bracelet{s})--I'm counting on you. Take good care of my boy and have a fabulous time. Your loyal reader (and friend), Lois

2:27 PM  
Blogger Ilana said...

Hi Lois! I am so excited you wrote... you are my first commenter. I am sure that we will both have an insanely good time (emphasis on the insane) and I will remind him of his gem-purchasing duties. I am trying to encourage you/him to buy tanzanites... we will post this weekend/from Cape Town, I promise.
I'll be in New York in April so I would LOVE to see you. Lots of love, Ilana

2:36 PM  
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