Wednesday, March 08, 2006

I Didn't Think I Would Write More Today but...

Tomorrow I'll comment in depth on my own feelings about the Jacob Zuma debacle/trial unfolding currently at the Johannesburg High Court. If you are interested, do a bit of googling for background--- a legendary ANC figure who was the Deputy President of this country was removed by President Mbeki for alleged corruption. Almost simultaneouly, he was accused of raping a HIV-positive activist who was like a "niece to him."

Read below excerpts from columnist Chris Roper. Not South Africa's finest moment...

Still, who am I to make fun of North Americans. I live in a country where our ex-deputy president is accused of raping an HIV positive woman. Makes Bill Clinton's blowjob look a little less of a big deal, something Monica often points out, albeit in a different context.

And supporters of our alleged rapist ex-deputy president are picketing outside the court and shouting "Burn the bitch".

They're also burning pictures of the woman who made the rape charge. This is all in accordance with the culturally sanctioned right of South African men to be absolute bastards, and to stick their cultural weapons into anyone they want.

I know what you're thinking at this point. What does a bunch of evil wankers hanging around outside a court have to do with peanut butter? Except, obviously, for the fact that it takes a lot of nuts to produce both?

The answer is - nothing. I was trying to write about peanut butter because I'm sick of the whole Zuma thing. There's really nothing to say about the Zuma trial that isn't obvious. It's even the vote on the CNN news channel, for heaven's sake! When the Americans notice you, you know you've REALLY screwed up.

Alas, I think I'm developing an allergy to nuts. They can be deadly, you know. The nuts picketing outside the Zuma trial are deadly to South Africa's image, that's for sure. The rest of the world now thinks (now knows, some would say), that we're a bunch of intolerant, patriarchal morons.

Oh, not all of us, I'm sure, in the same way that not all Americans are mad empire-building right-wing Christians. But from the perspective of the hundreds of thousands of women raped a year, it's pretty much all South African men.


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