Tuesday, February 21, 2006

That Is So Revolting

Much to my surprise, it's been confirmed that I acutally have some loyal readers on this blogosphere, including some long-time close friends and their mothers. So I will try to write within the bounds of decency and only shed light on interesting South African social phenomena. BUT... I am currently holidaying/working in Northern Italy (yes, I know, tough life) and thus the departure from regular African blogging. I'm sitting in an Internet Cafe near Torino watching in fascination as all these adolescent boys download porn in an open, public space. There is like no shame whatsoever involved with these transactions--- in fact, one appears to be sharing a computer with his sister. I am glaring at them and hence am the prude of the bunch.

OK, one funny story from Italy. A lovely friend of mine (lovely in looks and personality) is followed for a snow-filled day on the top of a mountain in Oulx by an Okie (Oklahoma resident currently residing in "Napoli"). He is totally lame but buys us hot chocolate. The night is crazy--- freestyle skiing cancelled in a lame move by the Olympics committee followed by a 4 km walk down a steep mountain in blistering snow. As usual, I am wearing totally inappropriate footwear and fall numerous times and am now bruised like crazy. So we all take the train post-refugee march down the mountain and we get to our stop sans the Okie. He wants to visit the lovely lady in New York but insists on a "sample" before logging onto Expedia. Well... you can guess the rest. We can't stop laughing for 24 hours. And now I can't stop saying sample. We guess he was asking for a "kiss," but it sounded like a saliva lab specimen. Back in Joburg on March 1st. Blogging will be resurrected, I promise.


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